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Microsoft Intune and Azure for Small Business

Microsoft Intune MDM

Microsoft Intune (also known as Microsoft Endpoint Manager) is the cloud based end user device management solution from Microsoft.
Intune allows new device enrollment with zero touch or minimal touch from IT admins.
Company policies, applications and device restrictions can be applied to existing and new devices using Microsoft Intune.
Microsoft Intune can manage Windows, Android and Mac + iOS devices.
We can implement Intune on small and large scale deployments.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides complete set of cloud solutions for businesses of any size.
Servers hosted in Azure can replace on-premises servers with same level of security and access control while providing easy access from remote locations.
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is an Azure solution for hosting client desktops in the cloud. 
Conditional Access in Azure provides fine grained access control for all of Microsoft's cloud based solutions.
All these in addition to other Azure features can be utilized by small businesses.