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Desktop Support

Desktop Deployment

Installation of new PCs and laptops with peripheral hardware.
Windows imaging for operating system refresh.
Setup of software and security hardening of devices.
Business software setup e.g. Microsoft Office Apps, Teams, OneDrive etc. 
Network printer/scanner setup with scan to PC or scan to email features.

Desktop Support

Ad-hoc based computer support for issues related to hardware, software and operating systems.
No need to get into contract to get support with day to day PC issues.
We can help with issues related to operating systems, software (Office, Outlook, OneDrive etc.).
We can also setup LAN devices and configure network device security.

Bulk deployment with Intune

Microsoft Intune enables automated deployment of new Computers and management of existing computers.
Small businesses can also leverage the power of Intune to enable could based device deployment, management, security and update management.
No need for manual setup of new PCs.
Enquire now about how you can use Intune for your business.

Modern Desktop

Modern desktop is a combination of latest Microsoft OS like Windows 10 and Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 productivity tools. Cloud based OS management and security are also a part of Modern Desktop.

Modern Desktop for Small Business

Business of any size can benefit from Modern Desktop Technologies.
Small Businesses, regardless of the number of users, can benefit from Microsoft 365 applications like Office Apps, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online.
Modern Desktop technologies are greatly beneficial for Small Businesses without an in-house IT admin due to minimal on-going maintenance required.

Benefits of Modern Desktop

User Productivity: Modern Desktop tools for end users include Office Apps, Teams, OneDrive among others.
All these tools can be made available on multiple devices providing an always on, always reachable workplace for users.
Microsoft Office licenses allow office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel to be activated on multiple devices. They can be installed on personal Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS devices. 
Corporate data on personal devices can be secured through data security policies applied on Office Apps.
This enables users to achieve more and collaborate more in a secure manner.

Desktop Management:
Microsoft Intune automates the process of setting up of Windows and applications on new computers without the assistance of IT team.
Although Intune based new device deployment is not suitable for companies with a small number of users (e.g. less than 5) but it can still be useful to manage apps, security, updates and monitor device compliance.
Microsoft 365 data retention and lifecycle policies secure corporate data on end user devices even if that data is accessed from a personal device.
Windows patch and feature update policies can be applied through Intune to all corporate devices. This ensures that devices are automatically updated